Bread Sandを、

There is no set recipe.
There is no formula for creating a store.
No matter how many stores we open, no matter how well-known our name is,
I want to keep searching for answers that have no form.
I believe that there is an excitement that makes people happy, even if it seems to catch the clouds.
The technology, human circles, and thoughts that we have cultivated since 2013 are assets that connect you.
Please repaint Bread Sand in your color.

  • 岸本 拓也

    代表取締役 プロデューサー


    CEO/Bakery Producer


    「人を笑顔にしたい」そんな情熱で美味しいパンを焼き上げるベーカリープロデューサー。関西外国語大学卒業後、横浜ベイシェラトンに入社。広報・ブランディング・マーケティングなどを担当。20代後半、ベーカリー開業に伴い退社し、有限会社わらうかど設立。2006年、横浜・大倉山にて「TOTSZEN BAKER’S KITCHEN(トツゼンベーカーズキッチン)」を開業。

    独自のベーカリーマインドで、その街や人の営みにリンクする普遍で異端なクリエイター。 人を笑顔にすることに、この上ない悦びを感じるベーカリープロデューサー。人から受け取った温もりと旨味でパンを焼き、最後はフレッシュな岸本スパイスを一振り。

    ・「ゼロから始める 個性派ベーカリー」(グラフィック社)

    A bakery producer driven by the passion to bring smiles to people through delicious bread. After graduating from Kansai Gaidai University, I joined Yokohama Bay Sheraton, where I handled responsibilities in public relations, branding, and marketing. In my late twenties, I left the company to pursue my dream of opening a bakery and founded the limited company "Waraukado" . In 2006, I launched "TOTSZEN BAKER’S KITCHEN" in Yokohama's Okurayama.

    With a unique bakery mindset, I am a creator who connects with the essence of the city and its people, offering universal and unconventional creations. Finding unparalleled joy in making people smile, I traverse the city on my bicycle, revel in conversations and drinks at local haunts, and bake bread infused with the warmth and richness received from these experiences. Finishing with a sprinkle of fresh Kishimoto spices.

    From city to town, I handle over 400 stores, both domestically and internationally. With unwavering affection, I continue to be a pioneering creator, producing bread and smiles with boundless creativity and love every day.

    ◎Published Works
    "Starting from Zero Unique Bakeries" (Graphic Sha)
    *Achieved 1st place in the Amazon Dining Category
    "Remarkable Thinkers: Those Who Conceived Extraordinary Ideas" (CCC Media House) ENIKKI

  • 稲垣 智子(岸本 智子)

    一般社団法人 日本パンコーディネーター協会 代表


    Managing Director/JPCA CEO

    同年、テレビ東京 テレビチャンピオン「パン通選手権」(2000年)にて準優勝を果たす。
    その後、ベーカリー勤務、スターバックスコーヒージャパン株式会社でのフード商品開発を経て、2007年に一般社団法人 日本パンコーディネーター協会設立。



    Based on the 80 notebooks of bread sketches and bakery reports she had been writing since the age of 16, she wrote a thesis on Japan's bread-eating culture during her university years.

    In the same year, she was runner-up in TV Tokyo's TV Champion "Bread Connoisseur Championship" (2000).

    After working in a bakery and developing food products for Starbucks Coffee Japan K.K., she established the Japan Bread Coordinators Association in 2007.

    She has made media appearances on radio and television, and has given more than 100 corporate lectures and seminars in Japan and abroad, proposing a wide range of ways to eat and enjoy bread.

    ◎Published Works
    "Delicious Bread Dishes You Want to Eat Every Day" (Kawade Shobo Shinsha).
    "Introduction to Bread from Zero Knowledge" (Gentosha)
    *Also available in Korean, Taiwanese, and Simplified Chinese versions.
    "Idea Sandwiches for Bread Shops Designed by Food Professionals" (JPCA).




































We are primarily a consulting practice specializing in bakeries.

●Producing new shop openings

・Planning of the bakery concept

・Preparation of initial cost and income/expense simulations

・Advice on property selection

・Conducting trade area surveys

・Support for loan applications

・Selection of kitchen equipment and supervision of the flat-surface layout

・Selection and advice on kitchen equipment and sales fixtures

・Providing product recipes

・Selection and introduction of foodstuff wholesalers

・Preparation of production itineraries

・Preparation of shift simulations

・Bread-making technique instruction

・Bread-making knowledge classroom training

・Sales and customer service guidance and provision of manuals

・Propose and provide guidance on sales floor VMD

・Prepare and distribute press releases

●Renewal of existing shops

・Identification of issues

・Development and implementation of improvement plans

based on sales and income/expenditure analysis

・Bread-making technique guidance

・Providing new product recipes and revising/revising existing recipes

・Guidance on shift improvement and labour cost management

・Guidance on annual sales promotion measures


●Branding and design

・Rebranding work following business category changes and renewals

・Interior and exterior shop design

・Naming and brand logo design

・Planning and design of packaging materials

・Planning and composition of sales promotion materials

・Website production

・Promotional video filming and editing


〒227-0045 神奈川県横浜市青葉区若草台10-1(google map)
TEL:045-507-5437 / FAX:045-507-5438

บริษัท เบรด แซนด์ แบงคอค จำกัด
เลขที่160/169อาคาร ไอทีเอฟ
สีลมพาลส ,
ถนนสิลม,แขวงสุริยวงศ์ ,เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร .(google map)
   代表取締役 岸本拓也
事業内容 ベーカリー開業プロデュース
企業理念 パンを通じて 日本全国およびアジアの食文化を豊かに
Bread Sand Inc.

Office / Bakery Training Institute
10-1, Wakakusadai, Aoba-Ku, Yokohama-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan, 227-0045 (google map)
TEL: +81 45-507-5437 / FAX: +81 45-507-5438

Bread Sand Bangkok Co., Ltd.
160 Soi Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 1, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 (google map)

Representative Director Takuya Kishimoto

August 1, 2013 (Organizational change from "Small Bakery Network")

Business content_
Bakery opening produce
(Business format development/technical guidance on bread making/sales/sales promotion guidance/design support)
Design proposals specialized for bakeries
bakery consulting
Marketing research related to bread
Product planning and development of bread and confectionery products
Manufacture and wholesale of bread and confectionery products
Planning and operation of events through bread

Corporate Philosophy
Enriching the food culture of Japan and Asia through bread